rccz <3
Why do you want to join Mimimimimi!?

> Here have my good friends  Merchedes

Which Class do you want to play during WoE?

> Ranger

Which WoEs during the week can you attend? (Wed, Sat, Sun)

>I Could come all the woe

In which Guilds did you play before thinking about joining the Unicorn Force? And why did you leave them behind for us?

>When I started I did not participate in the initial beta version played with up to four years after I left oynadıkd again about two months before I started to play this server in any war of Emperium guild

What are your goals in Ragnarok?

>I want to kill everyone in the game, but I need some more improvement for it Smile

My Build and Eq in ss


İngame name >rccz
Hi, and Welcome to the Unicorns!
Hello and welcome  Ani_sexy
Touch my Tralala <3
Hi, Welcome to our Forum and the Unicorns  Ani_hungry

The Information about Trial and Full Member you already got from Thal
[Image: Merchedes.png]  Ani_cool  
Show ContentWhy not ? (:
Welcome my friend ^^
how about ur guild dark passage in woe te ?
[Image: ci6jwyi6.jpg]
hello and welcome rccz Ani_gawi
welcome to our forum
I'm glad thxxx
i started your Fullmember Vote tdy. It will end 29.10.2016. I wish you the best of luck!
A Unicorn a day won't keep the Thal away!

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