lvl 135 RK
Hey you mimimimimis

Why do you want to join Mimimimimi!?
I just came back from an 2 year RO Break and i am looking for an Int Woe guild to have some fun again and also to do some lvl partys and so on. Tongue

Which Class do you want to play during WoE?
RK, or if needed i also have an little 9x monk on a second acc

[*]Which WoEs during the week can you attend? (Wed, Sat, Sun)
normaly Wed and Sun to 90%. Sat depends on my weekend plans but if i have time i also will take part.

[*]In which Guilds did you play before thinking about joining the Unicorn Force? And why did you leave them behind for us?
from the beginning of the closed beta on euro at
Cows of Darkness -> got closed
Stairway²Heaven ->left with half of the guild after an Drama with the former Leader Seele to form our own guild
Legendary Friends -> got Closed after the Chaos Ally (RnR, FS, and LF) managed to kicked out Godlike out of Geffen and defend against the Geffen Ally and most of the ppl from LF went to FS.
longer RO Break
Orenda -> left becouse of an Ro Break
Elise -> got closed after most of the ppl went to Gruppe 8
small Ro Break from some months
Gruppe 8 - left after euro went down

on Fro i just was in Fun Guilds which name i forgott

[*]What are your goals in Ragnarok?
To reach Max lvl with my RK and try to get maybe some day an own GL Tongue

[*]Your Build (Maybe you have a WoE-Build applying for a WoE-Guild [Image: biggrin.png]?)
since the new patch i dont have an new end Build but my current stats are

Str: 84+x
Agi: 90+x
Vit: 90+x
Int: 56+x
Dex: 57+x
Luk: 48+x

[*]Equipment (If it’s a secret send a PM.)

+7 RWC [1] (uncarded)
Black Devils mask [1] (uncarded)
Blue Poring Bubble
+7 Unfrozen Valk armor
+10 double bloody double boned pike
+10 double bloody boned bastard Sword
+9 Death Guidance [1] (uncarded)
+7 Assaulter Spear
+7 Cran Valk shield
+9 Immune Bravery Bag
Varant Shoes
Medal of Honor
Rosary of Counter

and some more lvl gear

[*]The Nicks you use ingame.

Drach, Drachir, Boom!!!

[*]And some details about you. (Age, Gender, how many Unicorns you own, … you know the drill)

I am Richard an 28 years old Male without any Unicorns till now (thats why i want to join you to catch some Tongue)
I am living near Dresden and start a new aducation in 2 months which i need to move to new zealand in 2-3 years.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

hello and a warmly unicorn welcome <3

we gratulate you to be a part of the gratefull power of unicorns!
Touch my Tralala <3
thank you guys, i look forward to some funny nice unicorn time together Smile

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