Najah's Application
Hi there!
This application might come a bit too early, but I promised yesterday on the TS that I would show my face on the forum. So... here I am ^^
(I used Chiitoitsu as my nickname there, to reflect my character's name, but I usually use this one)

I started playing Ragnarok about 10 years ago, but I've never been really far into the game. I've only played on high rate servers (Oxygen, Gravity, I'm still playing a bit on Anomaly, a High Priest in Tomodachi Rage, if it speaks to anyone) but quickly grew tired of grinding solo each time. I'm making one (last?) attempt here, where I would like to finally experience the "multiplayer" part of MMORPG ^^ WoE, leveling, farming, dungeon crawling... As long as it's with a party, I'm up for it§ I met Zera in game, and he suggested I join this group to do just that.

I intend to play mostly support classes, maining a full support AB, because it's the role I enjoy the most. But I'm not against putting on another cap, should the need arise.
I have almost no experience in WoE, so I probably won't be a great asset at first, but I'll listen to advices, learn my role and do my part the best I can ^^

I only have a lvl 35 Acolyte (Khhyoa, prospect Priest) and a lvl ~25 one (Chiitoitsu, prospect Monk) at the moment, and absolutely no gear. I'll have to redo/update this application when I finally have a geared-up, on-level character ^^' I'll be in your care then!

A little bit about me:
I'm 23 (as of today), from France. I like reading, mostly Heroic-Fantasy and japanese light novels (which I read in japanese), I play the flute and the bass guitar, I practice japanese martial arts and I study Maths.

I hope to see you all in game!
Najah Leilto
Welcome  Ani_gawi
welcome here! long way to go, never surrend! Big Grin
Hey there Big Grin welcome!
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(05-06-2019, 01:10 AM)Zuetto Wrote: welcome here! long way to go, never surrend! Big Grin

True, true  Ani_hungry
Welcome  Ani_gawi

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