Application - Eliära
Hey there peeps,

- Why? Pink fluffy unicorns! You seem a very active guild (TS forums all useful)
- WoE Class: will be Warlock
- Attendance: Due to shift work I can attend all some weeks none the other weeks (usually will be able to attend)

- Previous guilds: Too long ago to matter and Europe players on iRO so we dead xD
[*]- Goals: I am a min maxer stat calc weirdo I love numbers so my goals are obtaining max and optimized builds and gears. Initially it will be the warlock and from that point on I'll branch but that'll be waaay later

- Build: New account levelling started same for Equipment
- Nickname: Eliära

- About the amazing godly me.... yeah:

Sven belgium male 33 as base information.
Love calcing min maxing and like games that are of the grindy sort where there is always the next bit better and next upgrade.
Hobby's are diving, Xwing love the star wars universe and used to play Ro long ago (no third classes etc)
Crazy nutty and well generally insane.

You'll hear my amazing voice on TS ^.^ Cya arounds
Welcome to the Unicorns!
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Mimimi? Sexy mi. (SFW)
hi there Big Grin
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welcome. see you in game lvling your wizz, or gx, or ab, or all the classes!!!
Welcome  Ani_gawi
All the classes xD haha Wiz first
welcome to the unicorn federation
Welcome Smile

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