Peluca's application
Hello there,

Some good old friends started playing again on EuRo and goddamm they got me hooked one more time! Sadly they are not much into siege but for me it's one of main reasons for playing. I quitted back in 2016 (mayb late 2015) after Elegy closed, some exmembers told me some good siege comrades from elegy were playing in this guild so here I am!
  • Why do you want to join Mimimimimi!? I want to play competitive siege and I know some people who plays in this guild.
  • Which Class do you want to play during WoE? Exceed Break RG
  • Which WoEs during the week can you attend? (Wed, Sat, Sun) Every one but on Sundays I'll only be able to play for 1 hour or so (first hour).
  • In which Guilds did you play before thinking about joining the Unicorn Force? And why did you leave them behind for us? back in 2014-2016 I played in Elegy, havent played siege since then.
  • What are your goals in Ragnarok? 1 hitting people in siege which makes me feel kinda good and warm. Also getting 175 base (Im 162 now!) and Bossnia.
  • Equipment (If it’s a secret send a PM.) I sold most of the good stuff when I quited but I still got the +9 siege set and some usefull stuff but sadly Im missing the equipment to make the build work properly on high end equiped players.
    The Nicks you use ingame. Ill be playing siege with |ThunderStruck| its the RG with the highest lvl I got right now, later on I may play on Peluca (another RG) once I get some lvls. I also have a genetic, Pelucasl, and a RK, Pelucasity.
  • And some details about you. (Age, Gender, how many Unicorns you own, … you know the drill) 27 years old spanish male from Barcelona, I did not felt like keep playing on EuRo after Elegy closed since most of my friends also quitted... but here we go again! the nostalgia always comes back!

TYVM! hopping to see every1 tomorrow @ siege, if its possible ofc.

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