History and Structure of Mimimimimi! and Mimimi Morghulis
The Story of Mimimimimi!

Like Everything else, all started with a group of friends and just an idea, we didn't wanted to stop playing WoE after Elements! was closed. Should we start something serious or a funbased Guild?
We thought of a really serious name... but somehow we just wanted to join WoE again and it happened faster than we imagined.
Our Guildname emerged from the constant "mimimi" of people all over the server, we picked a random colorful Unicornpic and just rushed into WoE. So we fought at the 15th May 2016 our 1st War of Emperium with our new Guild: Mimimimimi!

We developed into something noticable, after each WoE and with the time we established a

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The Structure of Mimimimimi!

We are an international social and WoE Guild, with the background power from some old Elements! Members, which play RO since over 10 Years. To strengthen our Community we established a social Guild.

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We are looking for beginners, verterans and everyone in between, people who want a community behind their back.

Our Goals are having Fun in WoE, with a serious and ambitious play-style. Build up a core-basis of Members to have a lively Community and reach the ultimative Unicorn Power... or something like that.

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