JUPEROS 100+ SPEED PARTY / SUNDAY 14.04.2019 / 10:00-13:00
Hello everyone,

time to level your low level characters!

Details as follow:

Where? Juperos
When? Sunday, 14.04.2019
Time? 10:00 - 13:00 
Range? Level 100+ 
Exp? Don't know the exp but there will be plenty level ups.

We meet 30min before the party starts @ Pron West Kafra - ensure that your characters are ready before we start!

Setup (9/12):

  • DD: Tesuki (Ranger 104)
  • DD: Norsk (Genetic 105 - switch if we lack other roles)
  • SB: Johi (for leech)
  • AB (IP): 
  • Songs (SP/Bragi): iPhy (SP IP / Bragi OOP)
  • EXP Song: Johi (for leech)
  • AB (OOP): Caprice (for 115 leech)
  • Mobber: Lostris (for 100 leech)
  • Mobber: Nakht (for 102 leech)
  • Mobber: Momochama (for Kanade 115 leech)
  • Mobber: Imrik
  • Mobber:

Best regards
Phra is signing in as mobber
[Image: 5n63RKBt.png]
Ranger DD. Think it 104 atm
Would it be possible to join with my Wanderer IP and a OOP bragi ?
[Image: Xcw0OwI.png]
Would prefer to have you as mobber :p (more mobber = more EXP)
But if this would be no option for you, yes you could do SP IP and Bragi OOP.
I don't have a mobber and i hate that role q_q

So yea , i'll go with my lv101 Wanderer IP for sp song and the bragi OOP
[Image: Xcw0OwI.png]

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