Hello !
Hello everyone !

My name is Germano, from italy nice to meet you there ! I'm a returning player of Ro after 1 century or something like that ! I don't remember nothing, i read the rules for ask the application so i wanna to be honest.

I don't know nothing about the game, WoE ? Well something tell me this is a War or something like that ! I really don't know how they work.

My objective on the game is, have fun and enjoy this old game. I'm a casual player because real life took us away from our dreamy computer.

Currently i have two low level character: Swordman and Merchant, i always like to be a merchant in this game, but probably is to late for start a carrier like this ?

By the way if i have to play something specific is ok for me, i can change my role.

If you need further information please don't esitate to ask, i found your site inside the game another player from other guild say you are what i look for.

Thank you and have fun, take care.

Hi, Welcome to the Mimimi! Community. Feel free to visit us at our guild spot at Prontera Kafra West. You can also join our Teamspeak to get usefull informations!
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Heyho and welcome to our Forum
Touch my Tralala <3
Hello everyone !

Thank you, ok i will see you in game during evening !
About ts my spoken english is not so good, i prefer use the chat at least i'm italian you can immage how we speak english Big Grin anyway i will give it a try in the future for sure !

Welcome to our Forum.

During War of Emperium we have two Italian guys and I like they're English =D

If you prefer to write is no problem, we also have peoples on the Ts who only write ^^
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Hello Nero! Welcome to our forum =)
If you can pm me your Ingame nicks so someone of us can pm you and give you an Guildinvite!
Hello everyone,

I'm gonna log in right now, just time to open the game. Today was an horrible day thanks god for create the videogame, so we can just leave everything behind and just realx and have fun.

Oh that's nice, glad to know some italian have nice skill in english Big Grin

About my nick name, is the same here on the forum the swordman is Neronighthow. 

See you in game !

Edit : I just realize now is 00:12 lol probably most of you are already out of the game, i will come online now for a while.

I will go to sleep, cause i'm tired enough for the day.

Tomorrow i will try to log after the dinner like 20:00 or something like that, if i have some time probably i can be online at 18:00 i hope so.

See you in game, thank you and have a good night and nice day tomorrow.

Hello everyone !

Really sorry for was not able to come online in the game already, but work and real life took me out from my hobbies... sad face !
Tomorrow during the afternoon i will be online !

See you tomorrow in game and have nice night !

Hello everyone !

I'm going to be online for a while, hope some of you are online right now !

Anyway how was your day ? did you enjoy a good week-end?

I also try to send PM but i got an error, probably i still not have the permission for use it? [EDIT: Problem solved, now PM works !]


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