New here After Euro-Chaos

im Ulas From Turkey - Istanbul

31 years old industrial engineer

I used to play this game decades a go.

Suddenly want this taste back and made a new accound

Got my Gx 102/ Ranger 113

I dont have any other account expect Warpers

play time: saturday full day
Sunday few hours
Can able to play woe's
can play 18:00 to 20:00 daily if im at home

Have fun

Why do you want to join Mimimimimi!? An old friend from Chaos ask to come Smile and you are the strongest one bla bla haha

Which Class do you want to play during WoE?

Ranger (this is what i got)

are the classes i know well

Which WoEs during the week can you attend? (Wed, Sat, Sun)

Could be all

In which Guilds did you play before thinking about joining the Unicorn Force? And why did you leave them behind for us?

Nero - Astral (Chaos Server)

What are your goals in Ragnarok?

Your Build (Maybe you have a WoE-Build applying for a WoE-Guild [Image: biggrin.png]?)

did it

Equipment (If it’s a secret send a PM.)

did it
The Nicks you use ingame.

And some details about you. (Age, Gender, how many Unicorns you own, … you know the drill)

did it
welcome! Big Grin
Welcome !
Dear Adventurers,

After more than twelve years of activity, we would like to inform you that we are going to end servicing Ragnarök Online on our servers.
As a consequence, our server will be definitely shut down on the 12 of August, 2019.

Nevertheless, the good news for all the Ragnarök Online’s fans is that Ragnarök Online will have a second life.
In fact, we will transfer all the exploitation of our beloved game to Innova.

From there, Innova will offer a new game experience on a fresh Revo-Classic server.
You can from now on subscribe to this great new experience and if you were playing on our server, you will receive some gifts for your new adventure.
You can get your Gift Code on our website, at your accounts' data page: https://www.ragnarok.../my-account/291
And validate it here:

Moreover, here is a special Gift Code for you: PORING. Use it on to get a free Costume Poring Hat.

All the team at Whybe-Online thanks you for your continuous support over all those great years and wishes you the best possible experience with Innova and their new server.

Long life to Ragnarök Online!
Enjoy your favorite game on
i still wanna get in the guild Smile
(07-11-2019, 08:46 PM)BlackMirror Wrote: i still wanna get in the guild Smile

I think that's no problem =)
Feel free to visit us on TS!
It looks like an episode of @blackmirror
Hi Big Grin
[Image: 5n63RKBt.png]
so do you (we) are gonna go to new server? or anywhere?

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